• Best fields A96
  • Angelo and John

    Inwood legends
  • La Parilla's Leo & Jose
  • We have the best concessions
  • Professional Umpires
  • Highlanders before West
  • Field Crew
  • Sancocho!!!
  • The Commissioners won once (not like other leagues)
  • Prizes get paid!!!!

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JROD 10 RBI”s in One Game Field a 22-10 Game Three Win and Chelsea Repeat Championship

JROD 10 RBI"s in One Game Field a 22-10 Game Three Win and Chelsea Repeat Championship

November 28th, 2016

Chelsea had Manny going for them in Game Three plus some Old School West Power on their side but all they really needed was MVP J-Rod as he set a  CitySoftball record with an Amazing 10 RBI game 3 performance. Easy Choice for MVP to fuel Chelsea repeat as Citysoftball Champions W[...]

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Mr Bill is Back rooting on HK and Inwood Playoffs but Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 8th, 2016

Inwood Playoffs were really good this weekend and even featured the Return of Petey "Mr. Bill" Shayne rooting on HK but then... OH NO.... LOl.. classic... Thankfully Petey Ok and we can laugh about it As for Softball: HK vs Tigers - Ray's Clutch catch at the end of game one saved the day [...]



September 13th, 2016


THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

November 16th, 2015

SEASON OVER!!! 2015 OVER!!!!!!!!! CHAMPIOSNHIP OVER!!! INWOOD OVER!!!!!! The Champ is here ... Chelsea 2015 Inwood Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!   Congrats Dio - Another notch on the championship belt!! Excellent. well done and deserved.[...]

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Thank You

November 17th, 2014

Urban Legend Low Profile Inwood Commission Juan "Lochness Monster" Moreiras  He Exists and I would like to say Thank you for anther very good season. Holler!!!!!!! [...]